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The View South - SOLVED!

Wow. This is ugly. What I am doing is parking some visual notes I am working with in accordance with Chart 1437 of the Canadian Hydrographic Service entitled "St. Lawrence: Summerland Group to Grindstone Is."

What I want to really figure out is where the smokestack is on the horizon just to figure out the distances. Once I do my work I may post a cleaner set of images.

What I know so far is that the smokestack is directly behind the 10+ metre elevation on Simcoe Island and if you go the whole length of the chart in a line from 44 degress 14 minutes north to 44 degrees 44 minutes north, a distance of 26 km, you find yourself in the Lake Ontario south of Grenadier Island, New York. I need a bigger map. Thank you Mapquest...

So here it is a few weeks later and the lake is one and the river clearing. It is about 6 pm in the first of spring and the smokestack has no plume so it does not stand out. You can see the lake clear behind Simcoe Island. I now wish I bought a camera with a zoom lens.

Without binoculars, you can clearly see the Duck Islands on 30 km to the southwest on the horizon.

A month or so later, we visited the Horne Ferry wharf and had a look over at Cape Vincent, New York from the southern point on Wolfe Island.

No sign of a smoke stack to the south-west from the wharf at ground level although there are two antenna structures about mid-picture by the road cut through the woods which can be seen better in the detail below.

So we were over at Cape Vincent in May 2004 and I mentioned this mystery tower to someone who says the tower I see is the nuclear plant at Oswego. At the Nuclear Tourist site I find the following:

Nine Mile Point Unit 2 is a newer BWR-5 design with a drywell and suppression pool design. NMP2 is rated at 3323 MWt and 1080 MWe net output. The core has 764 fuel assemblies and 185 control rods. Uranium dioxide fuel wieght is about 150 tons. The drywell is 106 feet high, 91 feet in diameter, and 3/8-inch thick. The surrounding concrete is 5 feet thick. The steam, condensate, feedwater, and electrical systems are similar to unit 1 except for larger size or rating. Unit 2 uses a natural draft cooling tower to remove heat from the warm water that leaves the plant's condenser. The cooling tower is 543 feet high, evaporates about 25,000 gpm of the total 580,000 gpm that pass through the condenser. Makeup is from Lake Ontario.
Below is a picture of the facility.

Below is another version of the map with the direct line to the 543 foot tall evaporation stack.

And here the big stacks are from Oswego Generation. The plume of steam you see during the day is from the nuclear facility at Nine Mile Point which is about...nine miles from Oswego. Downtown Oswego has another generating facility which is dominated by two towers with blinking white lights that I can see during darkness on clear nights and which look like this:

The view from Fort Ontario looking west

The view from the front gate on the way to Rudy's

See the views south from Kingston on this post from 1 August 2004.