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Al's Version of the South Park
I am going to try to do this and am going to keep track. I do not intend to stick with it entirely anally but am up for a challenge. If I give up I do not really care but I am tired of my gut. Secretly, I am proud of it but that is between me and my gut.

14 days. To add to the confusion, I am not going to track my weight. I will measure my mid-section.

Another Great Moment In The Internet
Lisa Howard goes Off Handle
Astronaut Art
A series of man on moon photos with statements added.
More information on Let's Attack Systematically and Holistically.
Here are some maps I have located on the internet for various purposes.
My Flags
They are at the cottage in PEI.
My Hits Of 1981
Here is my take on the hits of 1981.
Near Travel Links
Here are some links with near travel information.
Nuggets Schedule
If you are ever in the greater Kingston area and want to see me gasp...
Sloan 27 October 2003 - Pictures
Here is my picture file for the sloan concert in Kingston Ontario 27 October 2003. The files are big so expect some time if you are on dial up.
Sports Pool 2006
Herein lies the master table for the Spring 2006 Gen X at 40 Sports Pool.
Suitmaster 3000
More information on the Suitmaster 3000 robot.
Team Sport History
I am interested in the regulation of sports in the second half of the 1800s which both fixed and distinguished many major sports of today. I am also interested in how this global phenomena played out in Canada.
The Questionable Line
Articles about the finality of the Upper St. Lawrence border.
Web related stuff
In this area, I am sticking a bunch of links, etc related to web stuff.
Some noted reading
Here are some articles I have saved over the years for something to do.
UKC Alumni Crows
A bunch of guys from my CEC Truro, Nova Scotia grad class all went to the University of Kings College in Halifax together starting frosh in 1981. Along with the University pals we made, many have have kept up via late 80's travel and shared renting; letters to 1996 and a short lived 'zine in 1995 or so; emails and other web apps since the mid-1990's; and a NHL playoff pool now located here. We have also kept together though playing road hockey and soccer in Halifax, Nova Scotia each at least once a year, including the annual soccer Crow Bowl being held for the seventh summer in 2003. These files have emails, phots and other stuff from those times. If you are not one of the brave, the few, the Crows, you might just find it all either dull or self-interested or both.
Law Talking Guy
I have worked and studied for the most part in law. I took my LLB at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 1988 to 1991 and my LLM via the information super-highway though the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland from 1999 to 2002.