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Amadou Deme
Who is AMADOU DEME? He posted on 10 September.
Another stunningly grand Ruk comments thread
Lisa/Marian speaks at
Canadian Colonial Militia
Why? Who Knows!
Carnival of Canucks - 007
If you find this you are cheating...
Cranky People
Crank Dot Net celebrates the nuts out there who build elaborate theories about something. In homage, I start my own list hereunder.
"Heterogay", by A.A.Gill (1998)
Around April 1998, The Times of London published this piece by A.A. Gill. It has sat on the old C:/ drive ever since.
After too much coffee and too much private practice of law, I once found myself in an emergency examination room. I was told I had a touch of this in my life and given a prescription. I went to my own doctor the next day before taking a pill. "He told you that? You don't want that on your record. I have that." Scrunched up my unused prescription.
JCB test
HTML test of Journal of Culture and Brewing.
Notes on Stats
Imagine that - a bug....
Odd comment
From Morocco on 9/11/06
Quebec CA Senate ruling
24 Oct Case of Que CA on SEnate
Ron's Table Test
Testing Tables For Ron.
Sunset, Sunrise
Two Views
Test photos
testing testing 123
Test Sounds
My new Sony ICD-ST10 plaything's first efforts...
Test Tables
Me and Norm. Making Tables.
Weather - 22 January 2005
Canadian Weather Forecast