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Ben (The Tiger) -

The self-deportation thing is a satire site set up by lefties, Alan.

Which you can see the moment you hit play on any of their videos.

"Self-deportation" is a relatively simple concept -- once life as an illegal becomes sufficiently difficult, people decide they can do better elsewhere, often back at home. Before the welfare state, it often happened -- of the people who immigrated in the 19th century, approximately a third went home again, because life in North America didn't work out the way they preferred.

(Which is why my preferred immigration policy is to tighten things up a bit on the work permit verification front, issue lots more immigration visas to people with good North American degrees, and provide no amnesty for those who broke the law. Your punishment for immigrating illegally is that you live as an illegal.)

Alan -

I can read, Ben: "...which — if it’s not an elaborate hoax — is hoping the idea catches on..."

Interestingly, my great-grandad was apparently brought through or even born on Ellis Island but he went back to go on @1900 to be the mad British Sgt Major in India and Afghanistan whose legacy was my childhood love of curries.