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Ben (The Tiger) -

The pipeline's a long way from the border.

And of course the Americans don't want Canadians building it -- means that Canadian companies have other foreign customers than just the Americans themselves.

Alan -

You are right... but I had no idea that the issues so discrete, neatly packaged. The shipping lanes are not so far but we shouldn't worry about that either. Would the issue be different if reversed if the US fracking were to cause earthquakes into southern Ont? That'd be none of our business.
And while I am at it, does the more pristine oil of Alberta get a extra credit that allows us to sell it to the great dictatorship or is that a disallowed border crossing discourse as well?

Thankfully, I am sure the oil lobbyists keep their funds segregated so these things don't pop up.

Pok -

The cigarette industry had a name for ethical smokes too; they called them "mild".

Alan -

Mild oil. That works.

Alan -

Myrick on Facebook over this blurt: "I'm not decided on the oil sands but accusing domestic opponents of "funding from foreign special interest groups to undermine ... national ... interest(s)" is straight out of the Chinese Communist Party/Vladimir Putin/Robert Mugabe playbook.Seriously. It's incredibly bad form."