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Ben (The Tiger) -

Eves? Establishment.

Well, that's where the Tea Party had a real effect, Stateside -- defeating longstanding careerist incumbents who had gone far from the libertarian camp.

Sometimes, this was good (Toomey for Specter, Lee for Bennett, Paul for Grayson). Sometimes, this was bad (O'Donnell for Castle).

Is having a few Eastern Ontario libertarians taking down the Dean of the Provincial Parliament a "Tea Party-style tactic"? In terms of the good side of the Tea Party that I like, I suppose so. In terms of the bad side of the Tea Party -- incivility, policy semi-incoherence (at times), amateurism and hatred of elites per se -- I don't think it is.

Norm Sterling didn't own his seat -- it was always on loan from the people of his riding.

He and Eves forget that, I think.

Douglas -

My Sobey's has Italian food in the ethnic aisle, as if spaghetti hasn't been a North American staple since at least The Lady and the Tramp.

Alan -

Your Sobey's has ethnic Italian because they had to create ethnic for Italian in 1966 and they never moved it.

Ed Carson -

I won't sing "the International", but I will sing "Joe Hill" with you.