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Douglas McLeod -

Those kids in the header, are they swimming in beer?

Alan -

That is the problem. Everyone gets confused. Next thing you know? Trickle down economics.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Emergency test systems take over all channels.

If you're not watching television, you're glued to the internet anyway, where you do find information quickly no matter where you are.

Alan -



Ben (The Tiger) -

I do think civil defence is a proper role for a federal government.

Alan, you seem to think that I don't support ANY government. I support some -- I support a strong government in its proper, limited sphere.

Alan -

I mock because I care... and because you still leave comments.

I think any extrapolations from 1783 are reasonable. The government gave people free land, free food, free tools of all sorts and set up a system of well placed well run taverns owned by the Crown.