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Ben (The Tiger) -

From my dealings with the embassy in Washington, Foreign Affairs is useless. (That was on their primary responsibility -- passport replacement.)

Mind you, their advice this time is probably about right... If I were an embassy official, I'd add this: "No evacuation of Canadian nationals is currently contemplated."

Pok -

I am stunned that anyone would expect Foreign Affairs to have an official answer the question. Common sense is a better guide in such matters.

Pok -

And based on today's developments, common sense appears to mean listening to the advice of what the US department of foreign affairs is telling their citizens abroad to do.

Ben (The Tiger) -

The Americans are sending planes to pick up their nationals.

Well, generally the Anglosphere sticks together. Bet we could spring for a few seats on those flights -- maintaining the usual (and proper!!) rule that one has to reimburse the government for one's evacuation.

Alan -

Our relatives have shifted to the country's SW.

Ben, are we sending a bill to the Canadian oil workers airlifted out of Libya? Let me know when Mr. Harper gets around to requiring that.