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Ben (The Tiger) -

Re the division of powers -- I want a Supreme Court ruling, too. It'd be a fun case.

Re the royals -- I'll take Quebecois politicians' complaints as just when they stop taking transfer payments and agree to dismantle "supply management" for dairy products. Which they won't. So nyah.

Alan -

But the third in line is not part of our constitution. Why would a province give up a constitutional elements to gain an non-constitutional one?

Ben (The Tiger) -

Well, the royals and their succession chain _are_ a part of the constitution.

About banning all party-based public expenditures? I'd back it.

Mind you, what I think is going to happen is that we're going to have one centre-left party that gets good at raising funds, and it'll end up dominating that side of the spectrum. It may win government in 2015.