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Ben (The Tiger) -

Can you fire someone for being ugly? I think you can, as long as the ugliness doesn't come from a religious practice or an actual illness.

Not nice, tho'. I'd've told her to get a prettier wig.

Alan -

But she is not ugly. She is merely bald and chose to be bald as a form of free expression not that different from mourning. You may note that I did the same thing in 2002. It also begs the question as to what we understand a face to be.

Alaskans has a human rights ruling on appearance from the 1970s. It was a long hair v. school board thing. Apparently the court found, that Alaskans like long hair more than bossy school board conformists.

You should skim my 2002 LLM thesis. I am so proud that I quoted The Jam at footnote 161.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Nah, she's ugly bald.

Unfortunate, but that's life.

If we couldn't discriminate on appearance, trips to the bar would be less fun...

Ben (The Tiger) -

Maybe Ignatieff is a secret Harper agent.

Huh? I think he just may be.

Jay Currie -

Of course Iggy needed to. He is scared witless of Quebec. Which means if Harper says maybe, Iggy says yes.

There are striking bald women, Sinead comes to mind.

Ben (The Tiger) -

There are, and Sinead was. Just not this one.

Mind you, this was a Thai restaurant. One expects bald people. Were the owners offended by her irreligious baldness?

Can one file a human rights complaint for religious firings that have nothing to do with your religion? Like if I had an employer who fired me for wearing a hypothetical Steak Festival of Canada t-shirt?

Ed Carson -

The photo of the young lady was shot with a wide-angle lens. It emphasised her nose and eyes. and made her look alienish. Most unfortunate. My favorite bald woman is LUH in Thx1138.