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Ben (The Tiger) -

More impressive about the NY Times page -- it was more up to date on vote count than the TV tickers...

Alan -

I was feeding a few numbers by Facebook into a blackberry in a victory party and I think I beat the TV on a number of occassions.

Alan -

The New York Senate race is very tight. Odd that they collective outcome was less covered locally than the district races.

Ben (The Tiger) -


I'd assumed it would just flip back to the GOP, as was its historical wont.


How bizarre - I 100% agree with your points 2 & 3. It seems the Tea Parties will be a historical curosity, sort of like Ross Perot, in a decade's time.

David Janes -

LOL it kept my old name I typed in for the UPPER CASE LETTER GUY.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Before y'all get too anxious to proclaim the death of the Tea Party movement, may I point out that the three candidates first proclaimed as potential Tea Party senators did, in fact, win? Toomey, Rubio, and Paul made it, and a fourth very impressive Tea Party guy, Ron Johnson, just ended the senatorial career of Russ Feingold.

What last night showed is that the more professional Tea Party-oriented folks won, and the sketchier ones flopped.

Alan -

Oxymoron: "...the more professional Tea Party-oriented folks..."

Palin = "sketchier"

Ben (The Tiger) -

Russ Feingold discovered otherwise.

One fun bit of news: Michelle Bachmann is running for a leadership position in the House caucus.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Other Tea Party senator: Mike Lee, who clerked at SCOTUS under Alito, and successfully challenged Bob Bennett in Utah.

Alan -

The Tea Party will fade. Things change. Even Judge Alito was getting very close to a living tree interpretation of the Constitution yesterday:

"Chief Justice Roberts: So your position is that the state legislature cannot pass a law that says you may not sell to a 10-year-old a video in which they set school girls on fire?

"Answer: This court said just last year that it doesnt have a free-wheeling authority to grant new exceptions to the First Amendment.

"Justice Alito: But we have here a new medium that cannot possibly have been envisioned at the time when the First Amendment was ratified.

"Answer: We have a history in this country of new mediums coming along and people vastly over-reacting. Dime novels in the 1800s, comic books and movies in the 1950s, rock and roll lyrics - all of these have spawned similar attempts at censorship, said Smith, all of which failed. And the sky has not fallen."

Ben (The Tiger) -

Key phrase of the living tree doctrine that gets left out by your side -- "within its natural limits".

Alan -

" your side..."???