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David Janes -

* "but they're the non-good type of job"
* the Liberals should pull the trigger when they get back to Parliament, let's have a few more larfs
* screw the surprise, bring on the twittering. BTW, I hear it's going to be Tyrolean Florescent Pink this year. Whoops!

Mike C -

Brent Butt to step in at the last second to light the Olympic flame?

Alan -

Would that be my close personal friend Brent Butt?

P of K -

In exchange for control over BC Ferries VANOC has purchased one secret weather making machine from the Chinese?

P of K -

Plans for February? Not watching TV. I will turn it back on once the madness of broadcasted curling has stopped.

Jay Currie -

So my cable provider called...and called...and called again. $9.95 per month, free set -top box with a harddrive to blast the commercials.

So easy to say no.

I can't imagine your preference for Latvia over the cheekboned goddesses of Estonia - often with that looped braid hat also favoured by the Ukrainian love goddess who would be President and is simply the only actually beautiful woman in senior level politics. But having a team to root for is good too.

P of K, televised curling is, of course, the fifth sign of the Apocalypse; but a couple of beers into an evening in a boring pub and you find your eyes being, as if by tractor beams, drawn to find out if the third rock actually goes home. Of course curling died when brooms were replaced by mops. No swish.

People were playing tennis, shirtless, here in Oak Bay today.