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Ben (The Tiger) -

Oh, that's what Soviet diplomats did throughout the Cold War -- "What, the Baltic Republics? Well, what about the American Indians?!"

Not biggie.

The internal openness was to allow the sorts of intel analysis that would've prevented 9/11. The info was in hand, but not available to the right sorts.

Now, we won't have that. And so another 9/11 is that much more likely.

Thanks, Manning and Assange!

TRex -

The fake outrage over these leaks is simply a bunch of embarrassed people trying to hide their own embarrassment.

In comparison the Russian response has ben quite mild, measured even. America has fallen so very far!

Ben (The Tiger) -

There's nothing to arrest Assange for. He's an Ozzie, not a Yank -- he owes Washington no loyalty. (Manning, on the other hand, can be shot.)

Still, Assange does seem to have declared himself as an enemy. Which is the reasoning behind the Tom Flanagan line.

Alan -

Well, if they can jail hundreds for years after 9/11 under made up martial law, I have not doubt that the US law allows for an arrest of Assange as well.