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Mike C -

Chantal - she's right up there.

En route to Boston next week, my nephew is throwing out the first pitch at a Sea Dogs game. Big thrill for him.

Alan -

Nice. The Sea Dog stadium is a gem. I always have a better time at minor league games. If you go early you have a good shot at player's signing a ball, too. Got a couple of Clay B. balls there. But if the kid is throwing the pitch there will be plenty of that.

Matthew Fletcher -

I know little about UK politics, but that's not going to stop me from prognosticating on a blog:

My prediction - Like NDP/Green poll support in Canada, the Lib-Dems will see their support drop off on election day. People are telling pollsters they'll vote for them, either because a)they haven't really made up their mind, or b)they don't really want to admit that their going to vote Tory or Labour again. Lib-Dems will see their suport drop by ~5%.

Mike C -

I'm picking SNP for the all important Western Isles seat.

Alan -

Odd to see that there might be a split in the "Christian" vote. I would have presumed in the Western Isles that there has been a split in the Christian vote in every democratic election since the pagans were converted (if that is actually an occurance that has occurred.) Murdo's the man!

Ben -

I guess there is an unstated assumption about who the _real_ Christians are... Bad form, that. Before social issues came to the fore, politically, the votes of the devout skewed left.

Journalists too often lack historical consciousness.

Douglas -

Morton win!