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Ben (The Tiger) -

Election now! Election now! Election now!

seanie -

I am excited for the long weekend, mainly because it started at 5 pm last night for me.. First real long weekend of the summer this year around which is kind of lame really..

I take issue with the fact that stores are open on Monday however. It is supposed to be a day off for labour yet those that do the most menial and tedious work, retail, are working. Seems to defeat the purpose of the holiday.

And I still disagree on the importance of bees. Before we came along, there were no slave bees (European Honey Bees) in massive hive farms all over the place. The trees and flowers were pollinated quite well by natural species. This makes the "demise" really an issue of economics for the bee slavers.

Robert McClelland -

Afghanistan wasn't an issue in the last election so I doubt it will be an issue in the next one.

Alan -

Yes, my point was slightly rhetorical and I expect you are sadly right.

Alan -

Yes, the Bloc is going to play "best pal you don't really like":

Yesterday, the Bloc Québécois leader told Radio-Canada that if the government brings forward a supply motion to finance the home renovation program later this month, his party will support it. Unless Harper loads a budget-related motion with other items that are unpalatable to the Bloc, the tax credit will sail through the Commons.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Everyone decided that Canada should leave. So it's not an issue.

Election now!

Jay Currie -

Of course a civilized nation would have just shot the bastard.

I think yearly elections are a good thing so I'm with Ben on this. Perhaps we could have a three strikes you're out rule for leaders failing to win majorities. Just to keep it interesting.

I have to admit, in my new incarnation as a local Liberal supporter (maybe) I cannot for the life of me figure out Iggy's position on the 'stan? Clues? Anyone? Cause for it to be debated Iggy just have to have a position.