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Ben (The Tiger) -

I tend to agree with Rush.

I like his political philosophy, what can I say?

Ben (The Tiger) -

But it's thoroughly unsurprising.

Conservatives and (classical) liberals spent the 19th century trying to beat each others' brains out.

They're now stuck in one party, allied against the democratic socialists.

It's a necessary coalition, but not a happy one -- and so conservatives like Dreher are not so keen on classical liberals like Limbaugh.

Alan -

But that is the thing. There is little classical liberalism there. There is plenty of statement that he is classical literalism but not a "philosophy" per se. Hence my comment that he is the cotton candy of political thought: seemingly appealing but gives you a belly ache after.

Ben (The Tiger) -

I like his tax ideas, though I like Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore's proposal even more...

Alan -

And that's what gives me hope about you.

Alan -

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