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Alan -

Also - where is the guy's helmet?

Chris Taylor -

My wager is that a minimum of fifteen people have to die needless deaths before GM and Segway figure out that while these contraptions may indeed be able to avoid smacking other vehicles that are also generally moving in the same direction of travel.... other non-GPS-equipped vehicles weighing as much as several dozen Pumas may lack the automated sophistication or human diligence to avoid a collision.

Alan -

Disclosure: I think I personally weigh what several PUMA might and cannot confirm I would not have the automated sophistication no to collide with one.

Temujin -

"Would you invest in developing this? Guess what: you already have." Billy Beck

I'm not sure anything more needs to be said!

Alan -

Well, it will be interesting to see what the bankruptcy trustees say about this and other developmental investments. I am sure I have also invested in certain jet pack designs over the years but the bastards are withholding them still!

seanie -

No one is mentioning that it looks stupid. That and a mere sideswipe and whammo... you are tumbling sideways in a non-round sideways not quite rolling death trap. I guarantee you, if a contest similar to the annual university solar car contest were initiated, for a small 1-2 person vehicle, we'd have something a little less "look at how modern we arae thinking, stop looking at the accounts" and a little more "this could be useful".

Ben (The Tiger) -

Other problem -- one major advantage cars have is the carrying capacity. You can pack your trunk full of groceries...

I hate carrying groceries home.

Major driving force behind my finally getting a driver's license...