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Damian -

Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding!

Jay Currie -

Thank you for posting this Alan. And thank you to Debbie for writing it and hanging in. Trevor's recovery is a gift and a blessing for him, for his friends and, as we pray for him, all Canadians.

Mike C -

Thanks Alan. Wonderful to read.

Sasha -

An amazing man no doubt! You Debbie, an amazing woman, and I cant wait to meet you! The two of you together, the combination for great success, and you both have proved this. All the best

Ian Coll -

Thank you Alan for posting this very, very welcome news! Debbie and Trevor, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you daily.

Alan -

Glad to see you got my heads up, Ian. One of the things I realized with the emailing out to we Kings folks last night is that I have a lot of lapsed emails in my system. Hope all is well over there and thanks for reiterating - for me as well - that all our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Debbie and Trevor:

Nick Twyman -

Hey Trevor! I'm happy to hear things are going well! Thank you for your kind words Debbie we were happy to help! I will pass this Blog along to Peter Classen as he contacted me the other day. Best Wishes from Calgary and the Liquid Courage gang!

Dave Neufeld -

Thanks for the update. Great to hear you've settled into your new home! It was a pleasure meeting you and Grace, Debbie. All the best with the ongoing recovery.

Alan -

Wow - nice to know that your blog is being monitored by the the best way, of course.

Heather Phillips -

Fantastic news! I'm so happy to hear about your progress Trevor!! Thank you for the update Debbie. You guys have been in my thoughts so much. Keep up the hard work. It's obviously paying off! You have a world wide cheer leading squad rooting you on!

Thanks for posting this Alan. Cheers!

Terri Brewer -

Proof that prayers work!

Alan -

Heather: like you wouldn't have kicked me in the shins if I hadn't posted it! ;-)

Always happy to be the bearer of good news like this.

Suganya -

Best wishes to you and your family Trevor. Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

Kristen -

Such positive news... The strength and courage you both have is amazing and inspiring!

jeanette poulsen -

Thank you for sharing your story. The more awareness about TBI and the road to recovery...because it never stops, will hopefully make it easier for others to get support and the resources they need in the future.
Your family is truely an inspiration to us all!

Micheal Doven Gray -

I am glad Trevor that you know you can create your life the way you choose and are inspiring others to do the same. I would like to pass along another story for you to watch about a man who healed a severed spinal cord and is walking again. There is nothing that we can't accomplish once we decide. ;-)

Emily Hawkins -

Hi, I am a student from the University of New Brunswick, and I happened to be watching Trevor's story on CTV. I was completely overwhelmed by what happened to Trevor, and all he has had to over come. I am truly inspired by his strives in recovery. I wish your family and you the best in life! I have faith that you will walk again. Much love.

steve bruce -

hello from sask. trevor you and your family are truly are what being a family is all about
i wish you guys the world and i look forward to seeing a 2010 update of you walking down the isle
i want to send you this link of someone who may help with this
i worked there and i can tell you i saw things that i thought were not possible
i know it will sound kooky but it maybe worth a try
as well if there is another fundraiser contact my email
i will do whatever i can to help
i truly wish you and yours all the best

Murray -

We watched the program with great interest as at the time of the attack on "03-mar-2006", we wondered if you survived. Trevor, your fight for life is truly inspiring and we wish you continued success in your progress to recovery.

christina haverkort -

I just watched the story on Trevor on CTV. I was moved by his story. I believe I can I can help you Trevor. Please send me an email. I work in energy, through multiple layers of the human energy field. I believe in my work. And if you believe you can walk again, you will.

December 13th 2008

References available.

Trish Bowie -

Dear Trevor, I was so excited to watch you,Debbie,and beautiful Grace on T.V. last night. I cried through the whole show! I cried because it was such an honor to work with such a strong and beautiful human being. Trevor you humble me! I am so proud of you! My love and prayers continue to go out to you,Debbie and Grace.Hope to see you in the spring Hugs...Trish

denise crête -

well...I have cried when I was watching you last night on tv...I'am a french canadian from Quebec. How great is Debbie...a lot of woman would have give up...and HOW GREAT is Trevor...there is no word to describe both of you...
Do you know the "ostheopathie" ( in english, the word must be almost the same ) if you did not try this soft medecine maybe help you to get back on your feet ....
I wish you the best are so inspiring...
you will walk...i'am sure of it
denise xx

Alan -

Cross referencing a comment left by Michael Coss.

Paul Jung -

To Trevor & Debbie:
Thank you for sharing your story, your lives. You two are gorgeous, and so precious - the best that humanity has to offer. You do the world proud. Humankind is blessed to have such giving & extraordinary souls.

Heather Lambrecht -

Dear Trevor: I cried through the first show and watched it three times over yesterday. The five months that Clare seen you improve so much, I feel that the Lmyphatic Brain Drainage changed your life you became so much more, I'm astounded how much you changed, working with you all the time I did not see it till the show.Your face is now as beautiful as the soul and person inside. Your life story will inspire so many more people and give them the strength to fight their own battles. What a marvelous message to give out at this time of the year. When miracles can and do happen. Save a dance for me.

ann -

I can not adequately express the feelings that continue to run through me after watching your incredible story.Trevor and Debbie, you are blest with one another and will be in my prayers.I truly believe you will be walking side by side down that aisle on your wedding day. GOD BLESS YOU

Chris Sullivan -

I also watched the documentary and it was very informative and very moving.

Please get in touch. I want to see us both walk again.

Trevor Greene -

To everyone who watched Peace Warrior and wrote these touching and profound posts,

God bless you and thank you.

Your faith is inspiring me to work even harder to reach my goal of walking Debbie down the aisle at our wedding.

Again, heartfelt thanks.

Alan -

Great hearing from you, Trevor. It is an interesting reciprocal cycle of inspiration that has arisen in response to the path that life has given you and Debbie. An old fashioned word, virtue, pops into my mind when I think of it. As I hope you know, even though it relies on the incredibly tough card life played for you and your family, on this side of that circle of inspiration both of you exemplify a purposeful drive and focus in a way which has not only strengthened but also challenged many things in me and I am sure those others here - friends, family and strangers - who have left now around all these heartfelt comments. And forgive me if I look beyond your goal of walking down the aisle but I am looking forward to where you both will be in five and ten years, too. Hope all is good with you guys over there out west today.

Dianne -

My husband and I live in the Nanaimo area and if you think we could help you with the rehab please contact me. I know you will meet your goals.

Lara Ryan -

Trevor and Debbie,
You are both an inspiration. I have been at Kings a couple of times this week and you are on my mind. My most postive thoughts are with you.

jeanette -

Hello Trevor and Debbie.
I also live in the Nanaimo area and would very much like to meet you. My daughter sustained a severe head injury in 2002. Wow what a learning curb it has been. We were also in Ponoka almost 3 years after my daughter's injury...yes 3 years and they excepted us. My daughter never spoke or was able to eat food for 2 years and then my god she blew everyone when she began speaking and eating after 2 years.
My daughter had severe tone in her feet and we were able to get them back in position by serial casting for 10 months. There is a therapist in the Nanaimo hospital who has a lot of experience with this type of casting.
I would love to talk to you.
Never give up hope...and never let anyone take it from you!

Alexandra Stadler -

Hallo Trevor and Debbie,
Last year in October 2008 I sustained a severe head injury. I was hit by a car and was in hospital for one week. While I was in hospital I had Dr. Homer Tien and his team care for me at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Trevor if you would like I can give Dr. Homer Tien greetings from you and update him on how you are doing. Just send me an e-mail. I would like to leave you with one message and this would be to Never give up hope... and keep fighting the fight....YOU can do it, YOU have the power!!!

Brenda Bakker -

Hello, Trevor and Debbie,

I just spent one hour of my life with Matt my boyfriend that we will remember forever...your story has moved us in a way that has filled our hearts with joy and hope ...your both such amazing people , true strength and focus , a passion for life that is inspiring and a will to fight!
We would love more then anything to offer our services for your very special day coming up in summer time.
I do Hair and Make up for weddings up here in Whistler and Matt is a musician and working also for weddings and events...
We just would love to donate something to your big day !!!...
Please let us know if you are in need of our services... You are such a special Family ...thank you for your story!

Melissa Putt -

Please pass the message on to Debbie and Trevor. Myofascial experts deal with this type of rehabilitation.
Tom Myers wrote Anatomy Trains his website is under the same name. Contact him I am sure he could help Trevor regain mobility. We just watched the CTV special on Debbie and Trevor. Please someone make sure they know about this type of treatment.


Melissa Putt

Maria Miccoli -

Hello, I'm hoping you can forward an article on the use of Botox to help an Austrialian man who was wheelchair bound for years due to a stroke walk again. I know from the segment on tv that was shown was that Mr Greene's feet pointing down is affecting his ability to walk. Perhaps the Botox option would help him.

Please pass this message on to him and his wife.



Christine Flynn -

Hi Debbie and Trevor I live in Adelaide South Australia and have just seen your documentary and I am so greatful you have shared your remarkable journey . I hope you have read the book called The Brain that Changes Itself by Dr Norman Dodge .MD. Scribe Publications ,it endorses your path and faith in walking. Consequently it reminds me of all the small children I have seen with cerebal palsy who have deformed feet yet still walk ,some use a walking frame.If you visit a centre you wonder how they walk with those distorterd feet, but they are children and know nothing else so they just do it.My two friends have children with cerebal palsy and now are adults,they have specialy designed splints for the calfs and walk with soft shoes and use a walking frame and manage to walk in their own style .So don't give up ,but I know you won't.
Much love to you all

Jessica E Taylor -

Dear Debbie and Trevor,

As the rehabilitation machine mentioned below is so important for those with disabilities, I am giving a Presentation to bring it to the attention of people on Vancouver island. Having searched for the the most updated rehabilitation for stroke and A B I for several years, the Quadriciser machine is by far state-of-the-art.

I am not a distributor...just someone who cares about others.


Quality Resort, 240 Dogwood Street, Parksville, B.C.

3pm to 5pm. May 1st , 2011.

The subject matter of the presentation will be to introduce to the people of Vancouver island a REVOLUTIONARY rehabilitation machine. A video of the machine in action will be shown. You will hear singer & actor, Pat Boone speaking about his grandson's rehabilitation.


The machine accommodates a wide range of disabilities, such as Brain Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, obesity and much more.

Patterning was invented in the 1950s but it took 5 people to do what the Quadriciser does. The Quadriciser is a passive-active machine that allows the individuals who are unable to perform traditional exercise without assistance the ability to exercise. It moves an individual's upper and lower limbs through varying ranges of motion without assistance. The machine consists of a motor driven system that moves cables and pulleys attached to hand grips and leg cradles. The handgrips and leg cradles translate through a circular range of motion exercising the entire body. The controls are easily accessable for the individual or helper.

Coordinating the right and left- brain, the informational flow between the two hemispheres even helps spelling, writing, listening, reading and comprehension as well as improving muscle function.

The Quadriciser allows Physical Therapists Occupational Therapists, and Chiropractors to increase the duration of the therapy sessions and the volume of patients participating in therapy.

The machine is used in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes for seniors, as well as private homes in many parts of the U.S. I fervently hope it will be used in rehabilitation units as well as hospitals in Canada.

Hope to see you there.

Kind Regards,

Jessica (E.Taylor)

Please visit my website.
On Facebook & Linkedin

Vancouver Island 250 951 3368 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              250 951 3368      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              250 951 3368      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Recently Jessica was honored as a 'Hidden Hero' on Shaw TV for her tireless crusade for head and brain injury awareness.

Barbara Blandford -

I watched the program in Australia a few years ago and was spell bound for want of a better word and also have been wondering how you are progressing, often thinking of you and your family. Thank you so much for the update. I wish you all the very best and if thoughts can help you heal then it is only a matter of time.
Please keep us informed.
Cheers from Mackay Qld Australia

Isabel -

I saw the CTV programme last night ?by chance and I was very moved by the courage and perseverence of Trevor and Debbie. I have just rad the 2008 update. My prayers for Trevor, Debbie and Grace, God bless you.

Isabel -

I saw the CTV programme last night ?by chance and I was very moved by the courage and perseverence of Trevor and Debbie. I have just rad the 2008 update. My prayers for Trevor, Debbie and Grace, God bless you.

Roy Tomalin -

Hi Trevor

Having just watched the documentary about your horrific injury and fantastic recovery, I just had to find a way of contacting you. I finished watching the documentary in tears (which is, I suppose, quite embarressing for a 46 year old man!!).

The film was very poignant for me, as I had a head injury back in 1996 and my wife tells me that the expressions and actions seen by you were ones matched by me at that time.

I am not going to waffle, as I do tend to do now!! But I just desperately need to know, please, please, tell me, did you hopefully get to walk Debbie down the aisle?

If you did, lets thank God and your perseverance. If not, don't give up, ever.

Thinking of you both,

Roy from downunder.

Anne Gaston -

I just saw the Documentary tonight and what can I say... Debbie.. you are one hell of a woman, Trevor... " Your the Man", You are an incredible inspiration to all, what happened to you was unbelievable. The odds were stacked against you but your spirit and strength fought back. I don't think I have ever seen a more moving documentary. The love you both have for each other shows us just how powerful love really is. It was so lovely seeing you finally go home. I wish you both all the best. I am so glad I turned the channel over..

Kumiko -

Hi! I'm a Japanese woman. Tonight your documentary was put on TV here in Japan
I watched it and was deeply moved.
Your and Debby's story really encouraged me.
You showed us how important not to lose hope is.
Thank you!