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David Janes -

Maybe the Toronto Star should just leave editorializing off the reporting pages?

Renee -

Really??? I so don't agree. Most Canadians want Obama to win the White House... AND 24 Sussex. Also, here.

David Janes -

That may be so, as trivial and shallow as that is, but the article isn't about Canadians wanting Sussex drive being occupied by the americans.

The Conservative government in Ottawa and the Canadian Embassy in Washington <b>are seeking as much cover as possible from the McCain visit</b>, but <b>the optics hurt Prime Minister Stephen Harper and everyone around him</b>. Having the man <b>most Canadians would see as the embodiment of the third George W. Bush term</b> (break) <b>extolling your policies</b> is no favour for the Conservative government.

Perhaps that's received knowledge in certain quarters.

sean liddle -

Funny, most Canadians I know, most of whom are Liberals, seem to think that given the choice, they and I would prefer this McCain fellow over Obama. Heck we even like his terribly addictive pre-made fridge cakes with that heroin like icing..and his superfies are top notch, juice is a bit oversweet mind you.

A hero war vet that openly disagreed with Bush's Iraq fiasco is right wing yet reasonable (unlike Harper). Obama, well, pretty much all I know say that being a Liberalish Democrat gives him points (unlike Harper) and being black (unlike Harper) as well, but only because we like to see the more intolerant Americans still stuck in the 30's squirm. All in all, neither make him perfect presidential material, merely new and different. McCain, he's the red tory we'd like to see lead the Conservatives.

Chris Taylor -

"war rubber"

The consensus I (unfortunately) overhear at the office is that Obama is preferable. The rationale is:

1) Americans are a backward, inherently racist lot who can barely restrain themselves from shooting everything within visual range, and they will collectively lose their minds if a black man gets elected President.

2) John Who?

I don't know if I would prefer John McCain to Stephen Harper. McCain has already shot down a couple of sorely-needed defence programs in the past decade, leaving the USAF a rusted hulk. But then Harper has forgotten all about a couple important asset replacement buys that were mentioned in the election-era "Canada First" plan, so I guess that's a push.

McCain is a war hero, but then he traded in his former swimsuit model first wife after a car crash left her disfigured and unable to walk. Note that she did not trade <i>him</i> in after a few years of POW torture left him with broken teeth and severely limited arm movement.

I have to give the edge to Steve on a personal level.. policy wise they are equally bad, to me.

sean liddle -

Chris' first point made me giggle. The idea of the US in turmoil over something that would not make much of a ripple here (excepting Alberta) is appealing.

McCain is an action hero too :

Ben (The Tiger) -

I say that when you've got a missile destroyer with your name on it (named after your dad and granddad), you're a badass: