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Hans -

It was a powerful display. In watching international soccer, I'm often amazed at how often these guys miss, but the Dutch side were impressive in their marksmanship against France.

Matthew Fletcher -

I also took a two-hour vacation to watch the game in full live.

I don't want to detract too much from the Dutch display because they were fabulous and I love the football they are playing, however, Coupet really let France down on the second and third goals - either van Der Sar or Bouffon or many other international level keepers would have had both of those shots covered.

I was also surprisingly impressed with the performance of referee Herbert Fandel. He consistently gets assigned the top Champions League games and regularly lets them get out of hand; he kept good control of this game though.

The Dutch have put together a great young side. They and Germany are going to be the European teams of the next eight years.