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Ben (The Tiger) -

How about "Amnesty International"?

That group description sounds like what Amnesty International was, before it decided that the main threats to human rights were in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Alan -

I think your trendy knee-jerk-ish last line, however common in certain circles, is dismissed with a 2 second review of the AI website. Maybe you have issues with the non-exclusion of the US and Isreal, another trendy position?

sean liddle -

Oh cripes. What a silly group of people. Protect Bloggers? How about, Bloggers protect themselves. You can write what you want so long as it is not intentional defamation or libel, and if you ARE planning on poking a stick at a sleeping bear, just make sure it is done with backup information, readily available to prove you aren't making up your rantings.

The world is full of annoying namby pamby clubs where people support one another's "right" to be loud and needy. Ugh. Gag me with a spoon.


What the heck is the "Universal Deceleration of Human Rights" referenced in that site's header graphic? I thought it was the "Universal Declaration" of same?