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ry -

Actually, it is taking off. And not just as a hobby either. Futurist/Strategist John Robb has been pushing this as part of the 'Resilient Community' concept for a little bit. He even notes a US Navy family in NY that makes money by selling to local resteraunts. They only use half their yard for crops.

I could do something like lettuce and such on the balcony. BUt, I'm lazy.

Mike -

'shoes were'

Good stuff to think about. I have been making bread more lately. I need a dairy cow. And a rooster.

Alan -

Errr...I think you need a hen, Mike. Not a rooster.

sean liddle -

We gave up growing potatoes and onions. We just don't use enough of them to make it worthwhile filling the basement with em. I stick to specialty things that cost a fair bit to save moolah plus they taste better. ANd Garlic. I am gowing it just because I love Garlic Scapes and miss them every year, being one who avoids the hades that is otherwise known as downtown kingston parking on a saturday morning and resultingly, the market. Garlic itself is not cost effective to grow for itself as you can get three bulbs worth from china for $0.99.

Alan -

Yes, and all that comes with Chinese garlic.

sean liddle -

True, but it is good enough for soups and roasts. My morals take a hit but still, 99 cents. What we do grow a lot of are herbs. I grow lavender, oregano, sage, basil, cilantro, parsley, rosemary etc etc etc.. Use em all summer and fall, bag and freze em for winter. A small bag costs $4 at Loblaws. I figure I save a million bucks a year doing this. Okay, maybe $50.

My yellow zucchini are doing quite well. Expect a mysterious loaf in your in-box this fall.

Alan -

Mmm...whatever's in Chinese soil is even better in a stew.

ry -

Here you go, Al. do it yourself, easy to make tractor. Well, the link that gives you the link to it anyway. Dude, your own well. Why pay for municipal?

Alan -

You haven't checked out the local watertable, ry. Water treatment is a good thing, especially with a lake draw and return as well as a good treatment facility, too.

Jay Currie -

Well, annoyingly, our landlord is selling our house, but we have a gorgeous spinach patch and carrots which we should be able to harvest before we move.

The small boys are utterly amazed that they will be eating things which they planted a few weeks ago. That is very much worth the million.

sean liddle -

Kids love fast growing things that they can eat, like radishes, carrots and baby spinach or if you have weird kids like me, bush beans and absolutely NOT tomatoes..