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sean liddle -

But again, it is the Hague. A US funded court system where some leaders of the other warring factions (the more us-friendly) of that conflict were released without conviction, one, after all 10 star witnesses who planned on testifying to his equally if not more vicious ethnic cleansing of Serbs, were assasinated.

Hans -

A PEI soccer pitch is a great place to learn about international politics, the Canadian immigration system, othger cultures, the welcoming nature of Canadian society, the power of sports and the interconntected nature of human societies. Unlike the ethnic ghettoes of Canada'a major cities, PEI's ethnic communities rarely attain the critical mass needed for insularity and so interaction among immigrants of various backgrounds is common and connections with locals is pretty much a necessity. Nowhere is this more evident than in Island soccer where demonstrations of skill or teamwork shatter the walls between cutltures.

Alan -

Well, I did learn a lot of swear words in Serbo-Croat as well as Arabic, that's for sure. But, as someone from Nova Scotia, being assigned to "The Internationals" club of all CFAs was a bit startling until I learned how PEI was too insular to be xenophobic.

Hans -

Well, they couldn't put you on any of the Townie teams, for god's sake, Rustico man, and spelling your name with an "Mc" threw a monkey wrench into putting you on Central Queens. ;)

Alan -

You should have seen the faces when I joined the Board of Rendezvous Rustico and proposed making Cajun food for 300.