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Ben (The Tiger) -

I cannot understand why so many conservatives are going for a weasel like Mitt Romney.

Hans -

I can't take seriously anyone whose first name is Mitt. For some reason, the name just conjures up images of worn-in leather and baseballs, not Presidential grandeur.

ya its me -

Mitt is a weasel, but really - who in higher politics is not?

No one can assend through the political grinder of either party without serious money behind them and the only way to grab the cash is to be a weasel. (Gore taking bags of cash from monks - Hillary rookie trading cattle futures with no losses - the bushes and the clintons with Riyad cashflows - it never ends)

Mitt did fix the Olympics back in the day (that was a real mess). He also closed his investment firm during an emergency and sent all his employees to NYC to search when one of his associates lost a teen daughter in the city. Mitt did real good there. But he is still weasel.

Alan -

Being called Mitt and being from Michigan is something of a gently ironic situation.<p>I want Fred. I am not a FredHead until the next primary is over. Not having a vote this is easy for me.

Ben (The Tiger) -

Maybe all politicians are weasels, but Romney is the weasliest of the weasels.

Alan -

Do you, perchance, mean he is Prince Weaselia of the Weaselonians?

Ben (The Tiger) -

Yes indeed -- if the Weaselonians include his conservative apologists.

Alan -

But must we not heed the words of "ya its me" (who is known to me)? It is dangerous to get too huggy and licky with any of these cats is it not. Pointing out that one finds Fred curvacous or otherwise attractive too monogamously is to miss the point that politics is about what is possible not what is perfect. Are you seriously going to vote Clinton if Romney is the candidate?

Ben (The Tiger) -


But I may vote for "Zombie Ronald Reagan", "Ben Dover", or some other such personage.

Or for Bloomberg, if he runs.

Hans -

"Hey Mitt."
"Hey Slipper."
"Got any Murphy's oil on ya?"
"Why is your rawhide upper bothering you?"

Ben (The Tiger) -

I think I've figured out Mitt's draw.

He's a Republican Bill Clinton-type figure. Smart, personally charming, amoral technocrat.

Probably would be an excellent president. (Just weaselly. And amoral.)

Jay Currie -

I note that on the Dem side the smart money in Michigan was on "uncommitted" a candidate I, for one, find appealing in the circumstances.