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Gordo -

And geeks. I know a huge number of technical people who listen.

Sean Liddle -

And slightly right of center geeky consultant types. I have almost zero interest in stories about feel good local affairs tales in Kingston (well, any local news really) but throw up a radio show about a one armed guy building a house from beer cans in Iqualuit and I'll listen to it as I drive on the 401. CBC is awesome if I do say so and there is a certain je ne sais what about fellow CBC listeners - we tend to find out we have similar personalities, likes etc BEFORE we find out that we both listen to CBC.

Sean Liddle -

Laurie Brown is 6 years younger than my mom. Methinks the CBC could do better in an attempt to win the ever elusive "youthful demographic".

Funny, as an aside about coffee chains. I noticed the other day that Starbucks parking lot (well, the two I visit on a daily basis) seems to be mostly full of cars built by WWII axis powers whereas Timmy's is filled with good 'ol 'merikan made veeeehickels.

Long live the Emperor.