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Ben (The Tiger) -

Oh, that's just McGuinty being McGuinty. He doesn't have the concept of "my business, not the government's" in him.

Anyway, could be worse. We could be back in the days of exchange controls, when the state controlled how much money you could take out of the country with you. Now we just have political blowhards whom we can ignore at will.

ry -

Well, if'n you NOrtherners(or we Southerners) had your immigration and visitation laws in synch with us(or we with you) wouldn't be much of a problem to cross the border at all. BUt noooooo. One of us has to have more stringent rules that the otehr refuses to adopt, thereby creating an exploit of security. THanks a lot.

On the spend in US vs. spend in CAN argument: what's this guy's beef really? Buy here, buy there, it's all(75% at least) made in CHina anyways. TPM BArnett needs to take a cluebat upside this guys head. (economic)GLobalism is good. As China gets more and more involved in teh economy outside her borders She starts taking on our rules and our concerns(new laws on product safety are coming and there's been a huge upswell in grass roots and official concerns and actions about environmental issues there, because they have contact with we Gwailoa).

Get well soon, Sir Baldyheed.