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Ben (The Tiger) -

It's definitely fun to watch. And an education -- I mean, the May 2005 budget crisis taught us more about confidence than any number of academic articles had done. (Answer: confidence is what you can get away with.)

I thought we might get to October 2009 before the next election, because the polls are hovering in the sweet spot -- Conservative re-election with less than a majority -- but who knows, the other parties may have enough of it before then...

sean liddle -

Speakers Warrant.. Cool.

As Ben said, this is fun to watch. Sure from the POV of a Lib it is snicker inducing but really, as soon as anyone claims they are clean and pristine, I am immediately hoping for said closet to open and said skeletons to march out just because I dislike people spreading political misinformation. I am hoping for a full blown no holds barred shout-fest and as far as the predictable "just you wait we'll drag in (insert name of targetted ex-Lib-MPs or PMs) and do the same" retorts from the Reformadroids, I don't care if they do. Anything is more interesting than news clips of John "Puddy" Baird yabbling away on yet another topic he knows naught of.

Hans -

I would like to see some parties cobble together a shakey coalition forcing the GG to call on the PM to dissolve parliament and call an election or failing the PM agreeing to do that calling on the leader of the coalition to form government. I would then like to see the parties with seats in parliament cobble together some variation of the original shakey coalition to form a coalition majority government.

David Janes -

Not as classic as today's action though.

Alan -

"Yorkers about"! Yorkers! I see strangers! War of the Roses! Division and intrigue. It is all coming together. And I would say it is a classique, if you please.

Sean Liddle -

Today was a fine day to be a poli-hack.

It was supposed to be $500K but he (snicker snicker) didn't do anything!