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Hans -

Dalton McGuinty began his campaign to usurp Stephane Dion as Canadian Liberal leader yesterday in Charlottetown by announcing the re-instatement of Ontario funding for the Confederation Centre which Ole Blood N Guts Mike Harris had eliminated during his "Destroy Institutional Infrastructure" Revolution. Dalton used all kinds feel good patriotic language in coughing up $200,000 per year for the Theatre/Art Gallery/Memorial. The federal Tories, being all too aware of the anti-Dion forces designs and pretensions for Dalton, began their character assassinations accordingly. Judging from the other bullet points, the Tory strategy is clearly to try "define" their opponents even before they actually become their opponents. Hence, Dalton is a small Canadian and Denis Coderre is Uncanadian for asking questions. I guess they figure they already buried Dion himself, their current Liberal foe but they may be getting ahead of themselves.

Alan -

"officials Threats"

I think the Tories have decided to run towards the label of arrogant dopes as fast as they can. This bunch would not last five minutes if they had not come up against the combination of the weakest Liberal leadership ever and a booming economy thanks to oil and Chretien's axing of Federal waste.

Sean Liddle -

"which torpedoes"

Hans: how typically unCanadian of you to decry our crappy CanCon celeb that we are supposed to support like a good patriot even though the sound of her voice hurts ones ears and delicate sensibilities. (She AND Nickelback)

I used to like McKay too. Now he has devolved into the "if you don't agree with us and go against us in public, we will pretend we are American Republicans, start calling food by different names and question your patriotism and support of the troops". Freedom Toast, Freedom Fries, Freedom Poodles, Freedom Kisses, For Tonight Only, Three Freedom Dancers On Stage at the Plaza Hotel!!!

sean liddle -

I prefer a NOT spending tax.. so people who can afford to NOT spend $80000 a year get taxed thrice as much as me.

Hans -

Oh its true Sean. I feel huge amounts of unCanadianish guilt because I despise Nickelback as much as I hate Celine. I also don't think much of the Guess Who. Oh the shame!

David Janes -

Man, I'm trying to figure out what Sean said. Who are the people who don't spent money but could who are being taxed a lot right now? Did I understand that correctly? This would hit trust fund kids a lot worse than they are now because we'd treat all inputs (i.e. non-reinvested money) as income.

Sean Liddle -

I'l joking people. As in claiming that if someone can afford to sock away as much as I have to spend each year then they be taxed on it heavily to punish them for being better off. Joking. Sheesh. I at least expected Gord to pop in and agree with me then go off on a tangent about eating the rich or something like that ;)

Alan -

It appears PEI has not heard of PIPEDA: personal information collected in commercial transations are subject to Federal privacy protection.

Hans -

While not surprising, it does give some clarity to the problem of the PEI governments unseemly interference in an individual who lives in PEI making a purchase outside PEI.