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Mike -

The Jays are just OOOOZing confidence,

"I think we're just starting to rub off on him, unfortunately," outfielder Vernon Wells said of Halladay's troubles.

There must be more bullets on the way, there's just gotta be. Hey, Gary. Hey, cm.

Mike -

Does Watertown have a Wullerton-esque enemy town?

Hey, cm. Hey, Gary.

gr -

Obviously that was intended for Mike, who slid into home and it wasn't even close. Well done Mike, you win this week....

Alan, are you saying that he threw you the ball, and you got it??????????

cm -

Hey, Mike! I was wondering who was up and commenting so early.

I'm off to my first Jays game this century on Sunday. It's always more fun being there live, as you don't really need to know what's going on. I'm afraid I'll have to miss the Watertown game due to a friend's book launch (I love saying that!).

cm -

And then Gary beats me, too. Sheesh.

Alan -

I have it. I have the ball because Coco picked me and I used two hands. I was thinking as I looked up and realized the ball was arcing towards me that it was arcing towards me and I had better use two hands so as not to look like an idiot. He picked me. I proved myself worthy.

Mike -

My One Nova Scotia Policy continues to recognize claim of jurisdiction over PEI, NB and, in fact, all territory east of the Penobscot River. Just because because some folk in 'Maine' send politicians to Washington...

Hey, gorthos. Hey, gordo.

Hans -

Re highest mobile call: Do you think the expedition is being sponsored by anyone? Which company is it that does those "Can you hear me now?" commercials? Verizon? Above the Horizon?

portland -

you are the fucking man! the biggest pinkest man of my acquaintance. you are the dog. you are the bomb. you are the bomb carrying dog. boom boom boom boom. that is so SO frucking cool. not even fucking cool. it's frucking cool. why are people saying hello to each other in this space? why are they talking about prince edward fucking island? coco threw you a ball? no way. no fucking way. way cool. bring the ball with you when you come. i want to see it. i need to see it. fuck yeah. coco rocks. fuckity fuck fuck fuck. yeah baby. whoooo weee. yeah.

Hans -

Geez, its just a baseball isn't? Don't the sell them at Sportchek?

[duck. hide. skitter away.]


cm -

Coco Crisp. (Well, since portland didn't say it, someone had to.)

portland -

hans, i'm actually not happy for him at all; my life is all about jacking up his self esteem. that and when i was in the kitchen last night i think i jerry remy saying they were using solid gold magic baseballs.

portland -

and i should share. i got a ball at a game once. it was a foul ball that the philles' carmello martinez hit into the stands at olympic stadium. later that night i had every stripper in chez paris (pronounced pare-reee) sign and date it.

time to vote- who has the more charming story - al or me?

Hans - that would be something to crow about.....

Alan -

I am disqualified as I can't go to strip bars since, you know...

Jay Currie -

Smart using the two hand approach rather than risking the flashy one hander and hoots of a stadium full of people - and the lad - as you dropped it. Very Canadian of you.

I trust, being a great Dad and all, you are not entertaining any thoughts of giving the lad the, of course you aren't.

Calling from the North Ridge gives you a great excuse for that cell phone "echo" thing.

Alan -

The lad gets the ball after it goes in a "future mistake avoidance device" - meaning a 2.99 plastic shell trophy case.

cm -

Last night I was telling a friend about your exploits, Al, and she informed me that his name really <i>is</i> Coco Crisp. All this time, I thought portland was just being funny.

Alan -

I think he was christened Cornelius Crisp but his grannie could not say it so dubbed him Coco.

gorthos -

Somewhere around here I have a ball from some Montreal team expo-something-or-other my grandfather got in the early 70s.. dirty old thing, scuffed up and probably worthless now because someone wrote on it a name as they must have been out of paper or something like that.. hrmm..