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cm -

Happy St David's Day!

gr -

I love March ONE: we have 3 birthdays today in my family, wife, niece and dog. Last year March one was also cold and snowy, but March 31 WAS 78 FREAKING DEGREES! Oh yes, March is a good month.

Gordo -

March 1, 2006 had the same temps as this year, but no snow. It hit +15 on the 31st, though ... :-0

Hans -

Is this why they call it March Madness?

Arthur -

But it is still Winter...

Temujin -

The Jays are going to win the AL East this season.

Bank on it :-)

Chris Taylor -

And you call yourself a Presbyterian. You and your 72pt gloating got us an all-afternoon snowstorm and freezing rain. Don't try and deny it. Youuuuuuuuu led us to this fate! <i>REPENT!</i>

Alan -

Get in line. I am still trying to undo the market collapse I triggered earlier in the week.

ry -

Ah. I guess Jays fans are about as deluded as Cubs fans and Angels fans.