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Gordo -

Al, if you're going publicize the admin login for the blog, perhaps you should give us the username/password as well .. ;-)

Gordo -

My Dad has a table-top bagatelle board like the ones that Masters' carries. It's been around the family since the 20's, I think. I can easily recall many a summer's evening at my great-grandmother's cottage playing that game. Ahhh, I'm five again ... Thanks.

Alan -

Oops. Damned tabbed browsers.<p>We went to Minotaur and got a few things including that most valuable of commodities, the replacement crokinole discs. No skittles, though. Picked up indoor heavy rubber horseshoes. <p>They did have a Shut the Box set.

Gordo -

It's a fabulous store. Philip begs to go in whenever we're downtown.

gorthos -

Cheeses eh.. like flatter larger mini-babybels.. At what point do you change the cheese? Do you eat the cheese? Do you not think low density rubber would be less lactose streak causing to the table?

Minotaur is cool and my spousal unit loves the place. I have no time or playmates for boardgames so I avoid the place in sadness.

Alan -

Note to file: loggats.