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sean liddle -

Royalty Ham... hee hee

My solution is to not buy things in the US let alone online from the US if the price makes them more pricey than here. How many pairs of shoes does one need? DVDs, music, etc are cheaper on the canadian amazon and futureshop sites than in the local stores so I buy those online. Anything via ebay or that needs picking up in the US I just get a friend to pick em up and send to me as a "gift".


"Large specialty" - hah, hah.

How many pairs of shoes? That's a silly question. The answer? ALL OF THEM. (Seriously, though, the most comfortable and stylish women's shoes are, for obscure reasons, rarely available in Canada. And shoes wear out...)

Actually, I try to buy something at a local retailer even if it's a few bucks extra. But sometimes it's like they go out of their way to make things inconvenient and time-consuming, so online it is.

I always wondered about "free trade" - Customs acting as censors for porographic material, for instance, and arbitrary brokerage fees ... what was the big deal about free trade if it's not free trade? The other thing that bugs me is labour mobility...

But, alas, we can't have it both ways. Either we harmonize like the EU or we suck it up and admit that we're two separate countries like any other two separate countries, and pay the price of moderate, inconvenient trade restrictions.