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David Janes -

Anyone want to take a long bet on this one?

Steve who?

Alan -

Hey - I thought only Joe Clark got that treatment. PM Stevie, of course. As the world of conservatism falls around him, I can only feel for his apin at moments like this.

David Janes -

Well ... ok. But I don't understand the segue between wind power and the CPC. Was there some large wind project canceled when the the CPC got power? Is the Federal government responsible for creating power now? Has the CPC staked it's reputation on killing off wind power?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Alan -

Take my hand: you are aware that the CPC is one of fewer and fewer parties in power somewhere who do not like global warming science and you will also see in the link that the basis for this wind power proposal is a reaction to acceptance of global warming science, even by another conservative party.

Is it possible to say that Harperians are green but just not in application. Perhaps you have a shoehorn that makes that fit. It must be a very oddly shaped shoehorn.