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Sean Liddle -

I made a micemeat pie last week with the most expensive mincemeat I could buy commercially and it was, well, okay... Must find my great grandmothers recipe though being French I am sure it involved adding pigeon to it at some point..

Yes, she was one of those ancient French immigrants who remembered making Tortier with carrier pigeon. She and the small cluster of francophones in Bellevile would secretly gather and sort out orders of meats from Quebec when I was a kid including horse sausage and pigeon and make yummy things from it at yule time..

mmmm... I have 18 days off remaining before I become a civil servant again.. Mayhap I shall make a real tortier.. here pidgy pidgy pidgy....

I need a good recipe for a good mulled wine Alan. Linkey vous?

Alan -

Nothing is better than the gunpowder punch I mention here.

Paul Garrard -

Mince pies are the best thing about Yuletide.
Mulled wine is easy - a reasonable supermarket Australian red, bits of citrus fruit, cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, a bit of sugar to taste and whatever other spices take your fancy !


Hey Al, just caught some NCPR, and it made me want to ask how the banjo lessons were going? It's been awhile, and I believe that it's time for a concert of some sort.

Alan -

Three words: open string tuning. Makes you sound very clever.