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Ben (The Tiger) -

One NAFTA challenge, coming up!

(This _must_ be a better case than that manganese additive to gasoline...)

Sean Liddle -

"Costello Indulge" ha ha ha ha!

My first thought, whoop dee dooodily doo, "buyer beware". Then I realize it is about an anti-theft system and not environmental or safety regs. Then I wonder if 1000 people _really_ on the same day purchased cars with non-compliant anti-theft systems because if this group is comprised of anyone who bought after the date of Nov 9 and didn't check on things before they left the country or have other issues such as non-compliant environmental or safety features, then I don't give a rodents posterior if they are out a whack of money.

In Mr. Sandhu's case, it seems like just plain bad luck.