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Ann -

... poor poor man - are you still under the weather? Try a mix of Golden Seal extract (mixed with orange juice) 3x per day for a week plus a daily dose of Coldfx (3 caps x 3 days) and you should feel better! A nice Bourbon heated with butter is helpful too! Have you had the powers that be fix the HVAC in the oasis?

Alan -

How kind and an unexpected voice. We are all still bouncing the one same cold. The oasis still has the stone wall quality which is enhanced these days by non-stop stone mason hammering.

Ann -

Occasionally, when visiting the Huether Hotel (they have the very best breaded chicken wings!) I recall conversations with my favourite blogging Gen X'er so thought I would check in on you! Sorry to hear that the hammering continues. It's not too different elsewhere - they just vary the materials and approach. As per the cold, my receipe continues to serve us both well although the choice of bourbon or whiskey remains up for debate. Cheers!