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David Janes -

Man, you gotta get your head out of the Red Sox world. The most amazing stat? The Leafs won _4_ games in a row as of last night. I would have projected the second coming of Jebus being more likely.

<i>"waterway currently" -- that is really funny if you think about it.</i>

Sean Liddle -

Tigaaaaah!! Hooray for Haley Mills circa 1965

Alan -

I like to say that I am a Leafs fan so I don't watch hockey. But you are right. They seem to have found a proctologist with the right skills if even in the short term.

Jay Currie -

Is it just me or does Karl's story change in interesting but subtle ways pretty much on the hour?

I have long wondered what the essential difference, I mean the sort of difference that get you sent to the stake, is between modern Methodists and Baptists.

As to illness,

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small,
And the ones that Mother gives you don't do anything at all,
Remember what the dormouse said,
Feed your head, feed your head."

And points to actual GenXer who get the lyric

ry -

I'm not even GenX and know that Jefferson Airplane(Jefferson Starship, Starship, Jefferson Airplane again) lyric.

What would a Hillary-Huckabee race look like? A walk over for Hillary. Being able to point out HUckabee saying things that indicate him including religion in his politics will so annoy those left of center that they'll come out in droves. She'll use that as her main rhetorical club against Huckabee. Prepare to say good-bye to cheap drugs everyone, since the pharmas aren't going to sell to you at the prices they do now once we have single payer hc in the US too.

Alan -

...because it will be like Canada with its cheaper prescription drugs?

Sean Liddle -

"Hiram 18" hrmmmm.... so mote it be

Although Jefferson Starship DID release some crap neatly disguised as "hip top 40 rock" in the mid to late 80s, they are NOT a GenX icon. They are my mom's crap music and therefore Boomer sludge.

Just sayin'

And as much I I hoped for revelations that would result in Harper running scared and the most annoying Mulroney being canned by CTV, Karl's story does seem to fluctuate in believability and consistancy. Maybe he is dragging it all out because he is waiting for the Wild Geese to pop in and liberate him to Argentina.