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Mike -

'Handican Mets'

Merry Christmas Alan and all of Al's et Al.

Your 9C raininess has arrived in Hali and it will be a mostly green Christmas here. It's all good. I remember a line from "The Rookies" when one cop was complaining about Christmas in LA ~ 'Baby Jesus wasn't born in a snowstorm, son.' 8-)

We are almost 8 hours into Christmas Eve and Ewan hasn't sent me to the Emergency Room yet as he did last year, so I'm hoping that tradition will lapse (poke in eye during bottle run, scratched cornea).

Hope Santa is a right jolly old elf to y'all!

Sean Liddle -

I went shopping at Hellmart after playing 2.5 hours of soccer yesterday still clad in shinpads and shorts.. I think it was apprpriate attire for the battle that ensued.