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Alan -

Deadspin's rumour list includes Veritek and Damon.

ry -

Names I was surprised to see: Brendan Donnelly, Scot Schowenwiess, Chuck Knoblock. Name I wasn't surprised to see: Troy Glaus, it was obvious to me when they won the WS---and I've thrown his name out there around here before.

Names I was surprised not to see: K-Rod, any Red Sox big time players (gee, I wonder if it's happening on all teams it somehow seems to disappear on one team. Odd. It's just odd. There's very reasonable explanations for it, like they simply haven't left any evidence behind to track. But it just seems odd.), Sosa and Big Mac(who all but admitted to taking an ester of a steroid---dodging by gaming a technical def'n.).

The number of catchers shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. Having the strength to make the throw to second is a big part of a catchers game, and a deciding factor on who to keep and how to banish to obscurity of the minors.

I still say rip the records away for anyone there's good evidence for. Ban them for life from baseball. No Hall for any of them. It's no worse than throwing games or pont shaving, IMO. In this I disagree with Mitchell. Bonds belongs in prison for perjury. The rest of them deserve having their careers expunged from the annals of Baseball History.

Mike Campbell -

'warnings of'

John Rocker! Say it ain't so!

Two members of Mister Burns' Isotopes go down. Hopefully they weren't using back then and the Springfield win can remain unasterixed.