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cm -

<i>the hours of leisure are spent in a cubicle not at a cottage</i>

Well said and too true.

Hans -

Exactly. Before email there was the telephone. Before that, there was trips to the bathroom, the file room, the library, smoke breaks, the 2 hour lunch and probably some either ideas I haven't tried yet. Before that, there was less emphasis on efficiency and productivity in workplaces other than factories. I'm sure there were and are many ways for factory workers to slack off.

Alan -

I once let 60 quarter-pounders burn on a Sunday afternoon shift during a rush to get a break. My career took a shift soon thereafter.

Gorthos -

I was once in such a hurry to get out of a very sensitive area of a psychiatric hospital while on an inspection to get home early on a friday, mislaid a box cutter. Had to go back through 15 minutes of security to find it was in my back pocket.