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Matthew Fletcher -

I never get to be first. Woot for a late summer vacation.

Alan -

Being a real person is big help. Are you back to school this fall? Have you bought your new cords? Nothing like the "wiff, wiff, wiff" of corduroy to remind me of the first week of junior high in the 1970s.

Temujin -

With regard to the Binn appointment, this is what bothers me most...

<i>The annual salary is in excess of $100,000.</i>

Ergh! A hundred grand a year so some asshole can go and "reconnect with his Irish roots"???

Alan -

Hacks don't come as cheap as they once did. Plus he is from Saskatchewan, not Ireland. How far back can one's heritage go to be relevant when one is ousting a career diplomat?<p>I am sure Ireland is impressed with what we think of them.

Hans -

I think shilly-shallying is an underused term but I can't imagine that Dion's use and pronunciation of it helps him get over the communication hurdle he has with with 2/3 of Canadian voters.

Have a great long weekend!

Jay Currie -

The saddest part of the Binns appointment is that Westdal, the current ambassador was in no way a patronage appointment. Rather he was as distinguished a diplomat as Canada has serving at his last station before retirement (You can read Mr. Westdal' bio here . I'd expect this sort of behaviour from the Liberals but it is really disappointing in what is increasingly "Liberals-Lite".

Of course, the only thing which keeps the CPC in power is the idiocy of the Grits as M. Dion's latest foray into "cut and run" illustrates.

Alan -

I beg to differ. I await the announcement from Mr. Dion this very afternoon that if such matters are not shilly-shallying that they are at the very least a little bit wonky and that he will not stand for such flim-flam.

BillT -

Remember what I said about the River Horse winter ale collection.

Bring green money...

Ben (The Tiger) -

Re Afghanistan mission election:

Bring it.

ry -

Hey, just 'cause it's labor day down here in the lower 48 doesn't mean you get off posting, Lazy Slug Alan. Feed us. ;)

David Janes -

Yes, here we are now, entertain us.

In other news, even Pete Seeger has given up on Stalin. Who's next? Billy Bragg, Oliva Chow? The mind boggles...

Alan -

Hey, I just got back from being in the States for a weekend of mad pre-school shopping. I am not sure why a two-disc anthology of Bill Munroe and the Bluegrass Boys counts as pre-school shopping but I can't explain a lot of things.

David Janes -

If there's anything good, upload a sample for us luv.

Temujin -

How about those Sox? I hope you managed to catch some baseball highlights this weekend!

Poor Howdy Doody and the Jays... 5-1 heading into the fourth inning :(

Alan -

It's excruciating having to listen to the Jays announcers and see Fenway.

Temujin -

be afraid... they are coming back :-)

Alan -

9-10 at 9:30 pm after it was 1-10 at about 8:45 pm. Frig.

Temujin -

Well, so much for that comeback... it looks like the Sox have something going.

ry -

The WS? Oh hell no. Revemge for 1986. The SoCal team, that can't make up its mind whether it be from California or Anahiem or Los Angeles in Anahiem, is winning the ALCS this year. The BoSox can win it next year. ;)