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Gorthos -

aha! the butterflyarium or whatever its called!

My fave non-maid-of-the-mist part of our trip last fall!!!

I absolutely love the fact that there are butterflies so big that when they fly past you their wings move like flexible bird wings and not like stiff tiny moth wings.. That place is worth all the commercial crap you put up with at the rest of the falls,,,

Alan -

I have a million of them...but none landed on anyone. A bit pricey at 40 bucks plus for a 20 minute event. I would recommend the butterflies of the Toronto Zoo for educational effect but this wins for sheer insect volume.

Jay Currie -

But isn't this rather like shooting deer at a game farm? Not that these are not delightful pictures and all. I have been trying to shoot bees in my back yard. I have many, many, pictures of recently vacated blossoms with faint yellow blurs heading out of frame.

It sounds like a fun trip though.