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David Janes -

What's your theory here Al: that if Steve didn't do this last year (with cross party support, I may ad) Pelletier wouldn't be showing up this year with similar demands?

In either case, perhaps the plan is to say "no".

Chris Taylor -

Aside from no-hope distinct Constitutional recognition I don't see anything really eyebrow-raising there.

It <i>is</i> a good idea for the feds to iron out how they will spend, especially when it overlaps areas of provincial responsibility. I think everybody would appreciate more clarity there.

Alan -

Maybe this idea clicked in the last 24 hours but when you can write the following with a straight face...<blockquote class="smalltext"><i>Quebec has been formally recognized as a nation inside of Canada (see the resolution supported by all of our current leaders and leaders to be) the debate in Quebec now turns to setting out the details of what that means.</i></blockquote> might wonder when someone asks how the drunken sailor got behind the constitutional wheel. If you blurt out new division of power principles, it would be nice if it happened after someone has a clue as to the meaning. Nice obfuscation of responsibility in the Janes family, however, with the repeated slathering of all with Steve's successful brinksmanship.