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Gorthos -

I dunno, maybe its just me, but I'd rather a semi-ancient lumbering bomber flying the friendly skies in full view of much faster interceptors than a sneaky US based system of space based (as in un-reachable for the most part) weapons platforms.

Alan -

That is just you.

ry -

Honestly, I think military exchanges with the ChiCom are a good thing. Yeah, it is rather retro. But that doesn't mean it isn't necessary. THeir ideas of how it should be and ours are different. THings that allow us to understand each other is always a step in the right direction. Particularly if it comes in the Mil-Pol arena.

Oh please, people still worry about orbital death stations? Nobody has studied their physics that something on a predictable and fixed path like a satellite(or only a limited amount of manueverability) is a sitting duck(HTK vehicles are a bit complicated but simply littering an orbital track with debris is EASY)? Look up a paper written in the late 60's by a US General. His bright idea was to put structural beams on satellites and simply drop them on targets. On the order of small nuclear device without the radiation. Anyone with a space program can do this---not just the US. But yes, we Americans are the one's to fear. Just remember to speak in humble tones when I stride across your broken and conquered country, gorthos. ;)

If you've been following this at all, the Russians thumping their chests that they are a nuclear power and so need to be taken seriously(as evidenced with three years of nuclear weaps tests---mostly off their subs, and not working) is larger and longer than just the renewed deterence patrolling of strategic bombers. It's geopolitical and on a grand scale, Al, and is about a whole lot more than petrodollars. It's about pride and self image---things people have been known to go to war over. Ooops, gotta run. Mom needs the phone line. See y'all.