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cm -

Note to self: Avoid Guinness Red when in Dublin next month.

Any other beer notes I should take with me?

ALan -

Ireland is a surprisingly crappy place for beer after you get over Guinness which is about 98% of all sales. Find some O'Hara if you want a complex stout.

Gorthos -

I love Guinness to the point of Avoidance. By staying away, I appreciate it more as my beverage of choice at going away parties, general quick pints with the boss and cliets and when I am trying to seem much more posh them my new-found pubmats in strange cities..

btw.. anyone know what to do in Nanticoke on a mon-wednesday evening in early september?

Hans -

The Irish pubs were rife with Heineken when I was there in '05. Not being a beer snob, er, I mean, a beer afficionado, but merely an appreciater, I usually had Harp.

Alan -

Temporary recipient?

cm -

Harp is my new favourite.

Hans -

Perhaps duct.

Hans -

Enjoy your trip cm. It is a fascinating place. If you have any Irish heritage, you will enjoy it even more. And as for more beer notes, many of the locals seemed to prefer cider.