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Gordo -

That be the Mount Morris Dam, Alan. The largest dam of its type east of the Mississippi River! Made it to the Buffalo area, have you? :-)

Alan -

Headed farther north, checking out Lockport before crossing at the Lewiston/Queenston bridge. Thank God for the Horne Ferry and the Thousand Island Bridge.<p>And, yes, that is it. What makes it most interesting is that what you see above is a view from upstream. It is a passive dry defensive dam, not a hydro dam.

Gorthos -

no no no.. Its the side view of an Imperial Power Station. You can see the burn marks in the grass from the shuttle pods and Tie fighters landing and taking off as they ferry in workers.

Gordo -

Uh oh. Not a good crossing?

gr -

Gord got it, but may I add that it is the Genessee River???


It's a dam! On the planet Earth! (What do I win?)

Gordo -

Gord got it because he knows how to phrase a Google search. Second result. :-D

Gorthos -

Aha.. its on Yavin IV

Massassi Station. :P to gordo

Chris Taylor -

When do they start building the defensive insecticide-filled moats against fire ants? Floods--Hah!

Stinging insects getting up your shorts, that's a real problem.


Hey, speaking of fire ants, when I was six my dad and I went on a walk in the woods one day and he had me on his shoulders, when suddenly he got bit by a fire ant, and he bent over to slap it off his leg and I landed on my head really hard, and I couldn't understand why they kept coming into my room to wake me up all night long.

This might explains why I write in run-on sentences.