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Alan -

Note. 37 games left. Boston has been a .579 team since the All-Star Break. That continued gives them 21 or 22 games of the 37. If Boston does not falter, to catch up five and tie, the Yankees need to win 26 or 27 or an .703 to .730 average. They play six games, three each home and away, against each other.

If the Sox win the next two against the D-Rays and the Yankees lose, the Yanks have to play .770 for the rest of the year to catch up.

portland -

good analysis. i also dont think the yanks are going to catch us. however, i also think we're in trouble if we don't play the rays in both the playoffs and the world series.

portland -

and i havent been here in while so i looked around. craig fergerson?