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cm -

There are days when I think we're all in a grade seven locker room.

Mike -

I used to have an Everett (WA) AquaSox t-shirt; I think it disintegrated in the wash one day.

"Tomorrow's Mariners, Today's Fun!"

Go Frogs!

Oh well, nothing Grade 7 lockerroomish about all that.

I used to see these ads (Butler Didits, Pryor Convictions) in the Baseball News.

Here's some team name discussion here:

cm -

Go Brendan!

Jay Currie -

I loved the thread at Darcy's. Especially the ex-cop describing the body language that the undercover cops were displaying.

Now for Friday afternoon Stellas.

Gorthos -

Hey Totalizer

If you like the idea of early 1900s era 'puters, you shoudl read the book I am reading now. The Difference Engine by WIlliam Gibson and Bruce Sterling. Its one of those "what if" historical fiction tales set in about 1869 methinks (too lazy to go get book) in a Steampunkish world where computers were invented 100 years earlier than true ones in our world were.