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gary -

I think we might be looking at the next US president. Reading the other day about his wife, turns out she is one of those young trophy wife types that men in the late 50s and 60s get together with, and there is a young child too. Gawd, where is a (Harry Truman? a Roosevelt? Millard Fillmore???) to save us from this terrible selection of candidates?

In more important news, go to pottersblog for new and exciting video features!

gorthos -

I haven't yet seen one US candidate that I would consider, were I American, supporting.

Well, except for Christopher Walken. Just because he's cooler than cool and I'm all about lack of substance nowadays.

David Janes -

I think his latest wife is over 40 (i.e. she's doing a hell of a better job taking care of herself than I am!); his previous wife says she will campaign for him.

Gorthos -

He's the man. Walken in 2008!

ry -

Trophy wife? Okay, she's pretty and proll'y a 'suicide blonde', but being a succesful lawyer in her own right makes her a trophy wife? What talking points have you been reading Gary?

I get so sick of making the spouse such a big deal in campaigns. Bill, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Whoever is immaterial. We're voting for the candidate, not the spouse. Who cares. Now the CLintons were special. They ran on a rather unstated 'get two for one' thing. Nobody in this race is doing that and so it makes no sense whatsoever to go all National Enquirer about the spouses of candidates. Sheesh.

And I, conservo-droid, don't think Thompson is the man. Not really. Not when he actually gets in the ring and has to start answering hard questions about policy. Unlike now when all anyone can really do is play the 'will he or won't he' game. The fascination with Fred will fade when he actually has to start putting a real platform out there. Just sounding 'Reaganesque' is not enough.

I actually think it will wind up Guilliani, who will lose the national because too many people will stay home rather than vote for a social liberal and fiscal conservative. The Sean Hannity stuff will prove to be a double edged sword that comes back to bite them in the arse. Guys like me will just stay home instead of voting for Guilliani. There's not a philosophical conservative in the bunch===Ron Paul being the closest and he's really a hardcore libertarian. Woe is the GOP pool. It's like the democrat pres pool in '04. Real weak porridge.

So that means guys like Gary have to not screw up who the democrats nominate. ;) If you're talking Teddy as opposed to Frank I'm with you Gary.

Jay Currie -

Well Fred livens up the pool. A Fred v Hilly debate would get me to watch.

But on the spouse thing I have to root for Hilly purely because Bill has already demonstrated conduct unbecoming a First Gentleman and four years of hilarity should ensue. Plus, he's "Mr. President" for life so what do they call Hilly? "Mrs. President"? "Madame President"?

It is, however, a dismal bunch.

gary -

If we forget for a moment (and I meant to say 'their 50s and 60s) the actual lady herself and her merits and attributes, I was implying something along the lines of 'look at the cliche: older, tired looking guy with a wife who could be his daughter and a daughter who could be his grandaughter', but of course, that means nothing and implies nothing and amounts to no reflection on him. But still.
I would betcha David and Ry that Fred does win the overall election. He has a fairly clean record, seems intelligent and has been a TV star. That is about all it takes to become president, maybe. I am sure, as a yellow dog democrat myself, that the dem. primary will select some worthy loser who will punt the national election in '08. Give me a break: Hillary or Obama? Will Americans vote for a woman or a mixed race man? I don't think they will.
Personally, I like Bill Richardson, smart and experienced etc, but I am probably his only supporter outside of New Mexico.

ry -

But Richardson's mixed race himself, Gar. Latino and Caucasian. And that Latino aspect, plus his stance on illegal imm, isn't going to win him a lot of friends in lots of places. CA may be almost 50% Hispanic, but CA isn't a president maker.

See, I grew up where a man marrying a woman 15 years younger wasn't viewed askance, it was the norm. I don't see what the big deal is here. It's not the Anna Nicole thing where she's in her late twenties and the hubbie is in his 70s. That's just wrong.

Actually, I think the country is ready to elect either a woman or a 'minority' to the Presidency. Miss Hillary is a bit to socialist minded for my tastes. Obama seems to be little substance right now(yes, he's written a book that outlines everything about his political thinking---supposedly), but he seems to be trying to run on the good feelings based on people believing he's neo-JFK. If Bill Bradley would come back, or had dems been smart in '99, he's someone I could cross the aisle for and live with as Pres. But nooooo, they had to try and 'prolong the magic' of the Clinton Pres by wanting Al Gore.

Fredm well, sure he's got name recognition. BUt so what. Mr. Peanut and Slick Willy won and they were absolutely obscure. Name recognition helps, but isn't a deal breaker. Guilliani has the name recognition too. As does McCain---and McCain's campaing is floundering. Guilliani has the issue of upsetting the social conservatives. But I think enough people will say 'he's electable' and push him on thru. But he isnt really doing much more than flying 9/11 as his credentials. His healthcare plans are exactly the same as all the other reps. 9/11 will win him the primary but not the general.

gr -

I know Richardson is part Hispanic, but I was considering that it would be an asset for him in some conservative quarters.
Can't believe I agree with RY, but I voted for Bradley in the NH primary in 2000 for many reasons, not the least of which was he wasn't from the previous administration.