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cm -

If it'll do something about the smell of stinky shoes without having to resort to even stinkier air fresheners, I'm all for it.

Hans -

Al: Please take heart: I have just read a post from an expert on blogging saying that blogging is not dead (yet). I had been wondering.

Alan -

I wish it would die so I could focus more energy on London Skittles!

Sean -

"Ever get the feeling that Web 3.0 will all be about masking household odors?"

That would explain all the bloody Febreeze ads/products I'm being bombarded with. I'm half expecting to see advertisments for Febreeze suppositories soon (they've covered just about everything else).

Mike -

Considering my desktop is unfortunately in close proximity to two litter boxes, I impatiently await Web 3.0

David Janes -

Hugh MacLeod makes a reasonable living with his blog being his advertising agency. So I think he has discovered the true meaning of "more important": putting food on your family's table.

<img src="">

Alan -

Nothing wrong with that. Just doesn't make him clever otherwise.

Rick Calvert -

Thanks for the post and the link.

Hope you can join all us dead folks this November in Vegas 8).

Blog on!
Rick Calvert
CEO & Co-founder
BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Alan -

Yik. I feel like I just got blog all over me.

David Janes -

Blogsmacked! You got blog severed, oh yeah.

Alan -

I don't think I can get this stuff off my slacks with just Tide and warm water.